【苏格设计】craftsman 101%

【苏格设计】craftsman 101%


This is a small area of less than 60m beside Buynow, zhujiang road, nanjing, and a shop downstairs with a sense of age. The architecture itself is old, and the existence of a relatively complex structure of narrow and long space will be the difficulty of this design. Solve these problems again at the same time, will the space how to build a pure and warm bread workshop, will make the focus of the design.

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品牌标识·the brand
苏格设计秉承 craftsman 101% 品牌所坚持“带着匠人精神做更好吃的手工面包”朴质的经营哲学,在设计中,保持克制很重要。本着“自然生长”的理念,大面积肌理漆留白,纯实木黑胡桃的门牌加以点缀,借用未经修饰的天然元素点缀,创造虚实相生的体验空间来诠释品牌特质。
SuGe design follows craftsman's 101% brand philosophy of "making better homemade bread with a craftsman's touch" , where restraint is important and large areas of texture are painted white in the spirit of "natural growth" , pure solid wood black walnut door plate to embellish, borrow UNMODIFIED natural elements embellishment, create virtual and real experience space to explain the brand characteristics

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店面外观·store facade
As far as SUGE's design team is concerned, it's all about telling a different story, regardless of the size of the project, about a brand, a Japanese bakery's relentless pursuit of craftsmanship through design language, the ultimate craftsman's spirit of striving for one more point than perfectio

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原生木料与留白·Native timber with white space
The space is made of natural and Retro Native Elm Wood, with light grey stone-like floors. The small space is free from ornate and cumbersome decorations, in pursuit of a highly authentic and pure natural beauty. Create a very warm feeling of space atmosphere

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空间演变概念图·Concept map of spatial evolution
Aiming at the disadvantage of the long and narrow space and the lack of natural light, BOX is introduced into the design, which makes the interior space have certain logic and enhances the interest of the space

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原生榆木年轮概念图·Concept map of wood with primary ring

【苏格设计】craftsman 101%_4028855

墙面茶镜增加空间层次感·Mirrors add a sense of spatial hierarchy
Relatively narrow corridor USES tea mirror to enhance the sense of hierarchy of the space, the reflection surface of the tea mirror to light is relatively soft, at the same time the logic of the vertical dividing line and native elm wood also conveys the artistic conception of gathering wood into forest.

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【苏格设计】craftsman 101%_4028854

细部·detailed view

【苏格设计】craftsman 101%_4028853

【苏格设计】craftsman 101%_4028857

The grain texture of the white texture paint of the bar and the special texture feeling of the old Elm table are designed to let people experience the space of unsophisticated, affable, like natural absorptio

【苏格设计】craftsman 101%_4028858