绿地21城 | 160m² | 心境

绿地21城 | 160m² | 心境



“The physical world responds to the spiritual world”

The material foundation is basically satisfied, and we begin to pursue spiritual prosperity. Reading and music, when projected into life, form a space temperament.

Space infects others through the atmosphere. A whole bookcase is placed in the living room. It is specially emphasized that the bookcase extends from north to south. Along the direction of light, it produces light and shade. With the blessing of light, it is like a cultural corridor with lasting charm, which edifies people living in it.

It is not the pursuit of absolute function, but the direction of the heart is more important. The space, originally is has the shed only then to have. The first floor abandons the toilet, liberates the dining room from the living room, occupies a corner, sits next to the window, and has a sense of ritual; the western kitchen console is arranged beside the meal to extend the kitchen function, so as to meet the large demand of contemporary people for the kitchen.

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绿地21城 | 160m² | 心境_1605852611_4321347

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